CMS Summer School 2015 - Complete MP3 collection

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Complete collection of MP3 talks from Summer School

Please note: This is a digital download

Contains the following talks

John Yates
A slave, a message, a city in need. Romans 1:1-17
Good news about God's wrath. Romans 1:18-2:11
Empty religion, extravagant grace. Romans 2:12-3:31
Abraham, father of our faith. Romans 4:1-5:11
Death, life and freedom in Christ. Romans 5:12-7:6
Old life, new life. Romans 7:7-8:17
Inseparable love. Romans 8:18-39

John Azumah
Christian Witness to Muslims
The Five Faces of Islam
A Christian response to Islam

Wei-Han Kuan
Heart of Darkness - Jonah and us
A cold and broken hallelujah - Jonah and Jesus
Pride and prejudice - Jonah, God and the nations